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Regulation Updates

Regulation Updates

Below is the most recent update regarding Regulation

Milestone Update to the Massage Profession Regarding Regulation of Massage Therapy in Alberta

July 15, 2022

Massage Therapists of Alberta,

Since the Working Group’s last update in October of 2021 to the profession, we have been working diligently on completing the objectives which the Minister of Health has asked us to complete. We are pleased to let the profession know that one of the main objectives has now been finished. We continue to meet regularly as we move towards the completion of the remaining objectives.

We are also pleased to report that the Working Group has met with a representative from the newest association in Alberta (Alberta Regional Massage Therapy Association), and that they have provided us with a letter of support as we continue to move forward on the path to Regulation.

As always, we want to remind Massage Therapists that the most accurate source of information on the progression toward the regulation of Massage Therapy in Alberta is one of the five organizations who are part of the Working Group, and the updates which they provide.

Please continue to watch for additional Milestone Updates in the future.

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