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MTAA Liability Coverage

The MTAA bundles Active Membership along with our extensive liability coverage for members.

Why is this important?

Some associations require that you purchase your membership number separately from your liability insurance before you can practice. With these associations, you must contact their assigned insurance company to pay for and obtain your insurance policy only after you have applied for and purchased their membership. If there are delays in getting liability insurance and the therapist provides treatments, the therapist may be left open to personal liability until they can get their coverage confirmed.  This does not happen with the MTAA.

With the MTAA, members only need to complete one transaction to get their membership activated and to obtain their liability coverage. MTAA members have the peace of mind of knowing that once they have their MTAA Active membership started, we have them covered!

What coverage does the MTAA offer its Active Members?

Our Active members receive some of the best coverage available to massage therapists in Canada!

The MTAA provides members with full insurance coverage for their practice needs. This includes both general commercial and professional liability insurance which is included in the cost of membership. Our members can practice with confidence knowing they have full insurance coverage to work with many special populations including but not limited to pregnancy, sports, pediatric, geriatric, and oncology. 

MTAA members receive:

  • Professional (also known as malpractice) and Commercial General Liability (CGL) coverage at no additional charge. Some associations only offer professional (malpractice) coverage and require that you pay additionally for the CGL coverage. Most members do not realize that most claims fall under the CGL coverage and only find out when it is too late. This is why knowing what is included with your massage therapy membership is so important!

  • An Occurrence Based Insurance Policy. What is this type of policy and what would that mean for me as a member?
    If you were an MTAA Active member you would have a policy for each year of membership held with our association. Claims can take some time to be made when it includes legal proceedings. Some members may take time off from practicing and then find a claim has been made against them for treatment from years prior, when they held membership. With our Occurrence Based Coverage, you would be covered for liability claims so long as you held Active membership at the time the alleged injury occurred.

  • Adjunct Coverage is included for MTAA members for almost all techniques and modalities that fall into this category. Some restrictions apply. Members that practice aromatherapy, or electoral therapies (such as shockwave or laser therapy, etc.) save money because they do not need to purchase additional adjunct insurance coverage annually. To learn more, please see the details below.

  • FREE Legal Advice is also provided to MTAA Active members through our insurer, Trisura. This can be accessed for either a professional or personal issue. This is a great service if you are looking for some direction on a pressing matter that may become a legal issue for you. The MTAA and its partners are here to help!

Adjunct Techniques & Modalities

The MTAA negotiated with our insurer to allow Active members to practice adjunct techniques and modalities that would normally cost additional money each year. To confirm coverage to practice adjunct techniques or modalities, members are required to have MTAA-approved training on file (some restrictions apply). This is to ensure that all members have adequate training to ensure the safe practice of electrical therapies, and aromatherapy, as well as others found on the MTAA Adjunct Position Statement.

Below are the MTAA Position Statement that you may find helpful to review:

MTAA Position Statement: Scope of Practice
MTAA Position Statement: Adjunct to Scope of Practice
MTAA Position Statement: Out of Scope of Practice

Do you own a clinic and need business insurance?

The MTAA has partnered with BFL Canada to offer you the option to obtain business insurance if you need it. Contact the MTAA to learn more!