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MTAA Insured Student Membership

MTAA Insured Student Membership includes liability coverage to practice as a student. 

Insured Student members are permitted to provide relaxation massage ensuring they meet the requirement to have an approved supervisor on site. This includes entry-level massage therapy techniques such as Swedish Massage, effleurage, petrissage, gliding, and stroking.

Insured student members are not permitted to provide massage therapy with the use of advanced massage therapy techniques. These techniques may include but are not limited to trigger point release, friction, stripping, joint mobilizations, or any other technique commonly used to treat soft tissue pain and dysfunction.

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Being a Student member provides an opportunity for students access to our member’s benefits such as MTAA Partners. Students can enjoy discounts on products and services to enhance their future practice as well as their personal lives. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.

Students who hold this form of membership for at least 60 days before their graduation date will also receive the Student to Active Discount! This is a one-time opportunity where Student Members who move to Active membership within 6 months of their graduation date receive a 50% discount on their first year of Active membership. This is a savings of over $200!!

Peter Martin Award of Excellence
Student members who move to Active also have the opportunity to apply for the annual Peter Martin Award of Excellence. This is a $750 award that students can use towards their student loans, for their practice, or for their MTAA membership. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.

To become an Insured Student Member, you must:
  • Be currently enrolled in a 2,200 hour education program licensed within Alberta and recognized by the MTAA
  • Have completed the 1st year / 1,100 hours of training
  • Submit confirmation of enrollment from your educational institution confirming the expected date of graduation
  • Submit a current Criminal Records Check, including the Vulnerable Persons Sector search completed at your local police detachment. Please note that third-party online criminal record checks are not accepted.
  • Submit current Standard First Aid and Level “C” or higher CPR Certificates
  • Must have an approved Supervisor on Site.
  • Submit the Insured Student Member Application

MTAA Insured Student Pricing

GST is not included in the price