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MTAA Complaints Process

The MTAA believes in helping its members provide the highest quality of care to their patients. At this time, the province of Alberta does not have government legislation that governs the practice of Massage Therapy, which means that there are no finite education or professional requirements that a practitioner is required to adhere to. In order to ensure a high level of quality and safety for the public, the MTAA Complaints and Discipline process has been refined to ensure that both our members and the members of the public are aware of the standards and professionalism expected from this organization and its members.

The Complaints and Discipline process works in conjunction with all of our governing documents, including the Standards of Practice, Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Scope of Practice and Bylaws. While the MTAA is only able to act upon complaints for members of our association, we are happy to provide guidance for a member of the public who has had a less than positive experience with an MTAA member.

If you feel that that you have been treated in an unskilled or unprofessional manner, your first step is always to discuss it with the therapist involved. If that does not bring about a satisfactory solution, you may wish to pursue the issue with the clinic owner. If you still feel that your concern has not been adequately addressed, please forward your concern to the MTAA.

Anonymous complaints will not be pursued as the therapist should always have the right to answer to the allegations being made. The MTAA only has the ability to address formal complaints submitted for MTAA members about concerns within our jurisdiction.

The MTAA will not investigate any alleged criminal activity or criminal offences including but not limited to assault, sexual assault or criminal harassment committed by a member of the MTAA against a patient.  Patients that believe they have been the victim of any alleged criminal activity or criminal offence by a member of the MTAA should contact the RCMP or their local police  authority.   The MTAA will not contact the RCMP or local police authority on behalf of the victim. The MTAA has neither the expertise, resources or jurisdiction to conduct any investigation into any alleged criminal matter and must defer to the appropriate authorities.   

To proceed with the submission of a Complaint, please download the forms and submit these to the MTAA Office by emailing

Complaint Submission Form 

Patient Release Authorization Form