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Membership Confirmation

Membership Confirmation

Letter of Confirmation

Letters of Confirmation can be requested for individuals who previously held MTAA membership. This letter will confirm your previous membership type, the dates in which you held this form of membership, and if any corrective action was taken against you while you held MTAA membership. Only previous Active and Inactive members can request a Letter of Confirmation. Former student members are not eligible to receive a Letter of Confirmation.  

Letter of Good Standing

Current members of the MTAA have the option to request a Letter of Good Standing. These are often required by specific organizations to have confirmation that someone is a member of our association. Letters of Good standing confirm membership type, membership status, membership expiration, and if any corrective or disciplinary action has been issued to a member. These letters can be requested by Active, New Active, or Inactive members who are in “Good Standing” with the MTAA. Current Free and Insured Student members are not eligible to obtain a letter of good standing.

Confirmation of Membership vs Letters of Good Standing
In some cases, members can download their digital membership certificate and submit this to confirm their current membership with the MTAA. In these cases, members can access the digital membership certificate by logging in to their member portal and downloading this as a PDF.

In other cases, a letter of good standing may be required. This often occurs if an MTAA member is required to confirm their designation as a massage therapist when applying to other educational institutions for ongoing learning to become an Acupuncturist or Nurse for example. If this is the case, members must pay the current fee for a Letter of Good Standing.

MTAA Members in Grand Prairie
The MTAA is aware that the City of Grande Prairie requires a Letter of Good Standing to be obtained before a city license can be issued. Members who practice in the city of Grand Prairie can make their requests once per year free of charge. Please contact the MTAA directly to make your request.

MTAA members will be required to log into their member portal.