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MTAA Course Evaluations

The MTAA Professional Development (PD) Program maintains the highest standards in the province and requires that all courses be evaluated and approved by the MTAA Competence Committee before education credits can be awarded.

As of January 1, 2022, the MTAA has revised the requirements to have a course evaluated to obtain MTAA approval. To ensure you have all of the required information, please see the MTAA Course Evaluation Requirements below.

Please be advised that there is a $50 plus GST fee to submit a course for evaluation. Approved courses will expire after 3 years and require renewal. One submission per course is required. After the 3-year approval period has expired, course instructors and facilitators can apply for one 3-year renewal so long as all renewal requirements have been met. After a course renewal has expired, the MTAA requires that the full course be re-evaluated by the Competence Committee for each course.

The MTAA will only accept complete submissions for each course to be reviewed by the Competence Committee. Refunds are not provided for any course that may be turned down.

The MTAA evaluates courses that are held online, in-person, or live online. We considered live online courses to be equivalent to in-person courses. This is because the course content that is being shared with students live online which gives ability for the instructors and students to interact. We consider online course to be those where a student learns at their own pace. 

MTAA Course Evaluation Form

To submit a course for evaluation, please click the button below to complete the online MTAA Course Evaluation Form. All requirements must be met in order for a course to be evaluated. If additional information needs to be submitted after completing this online form, all details can be emailed to

MTAA Course Evaluation Requirements

The MTAA requires that course facilitators submit information to confirm their education and background, specific course information as well as all contraindications and safety precautions taught in the course. This is required to ensure that facilitators offering continuing education hold valid membership with their regulatory college (or professional association where unregulated) for their designation. The MTAA has negotiated with our insurer to provide MTAA members with free liability coverage for most techniques and modalities, so we must ensure that the instructors meet our minimum standards of training before we can deem a course “MTAA APPROVED”.

In order to submit a course for evaluation the following information must be submitted:

  • An hourly outline
  • Total length of the course 
  • A list of contraindications taught in the course 
  • A detailed review of what participants are taught 
  • Clearly identify any learning that is out of scope of practice for MTAA members.
  • A full list of references that were used to create the course content 
  • Confirmation of testing issued in the course
  • A course description that can be posted on the MTAA website 
  • A sample certificate of completion – this must include:
    • The official course title
    • The students first and last name
    • Date of the course was completed
    • The company/ course instructor name
    • To view an example of a  sample certificate please CLICK HERE. All of the information in yellow is required to be listed on the sample certificate of completion.
  • Confirmation of course audit 
  • Instructors resume or CV 
  • Instructors good standing from the Association or Regulator College they belong to 

If you have any questions about the requirements to have a course evaluated, email for more information.