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Benefits of MTAA Membership

MTAA Partners

In addition to being a member of the most established professional association for Massage Therapy in Alberta, members also have access to many Partners that are exclusive to the MTAA. These Partners offer discounts on products and services that enhance both the professional and personal lives of our members. Each year we seek additional partners, so the list is always growing!

Below are some of our current Partners that you can access once you become a member.

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FREE Legal Advice

Active Members have access to free legal advice that can be accessed for professional or personal issues.

Professional Development

The MTAA hosts Free Webinars and Coffee Chats that cover a variety of topics to help enhance our members’ understanding of the business of Massage Therapy as well as for their practice. These are often recorded, so if members cannot attend the event when scheduled, they have access to the recordings to view at their own pace. Many of these online events are made available for Professional Development credits to help members meet the 3-year credit requirement for FREE!

Another benefit to members is the exclusive discounts for MTAA-sponsored courses. Members receive early bird access with exclusive discounted pricing to allow them the first opportunity to register for these events.

Adjunct Coverage: Do you include electrical therapies or aromatherapy in your practice?

The MTAA has a comprehensive evaluation process which is applied to all courses submitted for review before a course can receive the status of “MTAA Approved”. For this reason, we have been able to negotiate with our insurer to allow members the ability to obtain coverage for most Adjunct Techniques and Modalities without additional fees. Each professional association varies, so it is important that you understand the coverage that you need to practice without increased liability.

Please review our Position Statement for Adjunct Techniques and Modalities to learn more.

Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

As a non-profit organization, we must hold annual meetings for our membership. The purpose of these meetings is to review key financial and organization-related information with our members to keep all members informed. It is important to note that other professional associations may require that you attend their AGMs, which are often held in person. This means that you may have to take time away from your practice to attend these and if you do not, you may be charged a non-attendance or non-compliance fine. If you must travel you will incur the costs for transportation, hotel, and meals, as well as impact on your earnings as you must take time away from your practice. We know this can be costly, so we want you to know that AGM attendance with the MTAA is 100% voluntary.

The MTAA AGMs are held online in late January when members have passed their busy season during Christmas and at the end of the calendar year. With the MTAA you are not required to attend our AGMs, but it is strongly encouraged! These annual meetings are a time to ask questions of the Board of Directors and the Association. We want our members to be engaged and informed, so we offer 3 Primary PD credits for attendance of the 1.5-hour AGM and it is FREE to attend! We feel that it should be up to the individual members to decide if they want to attend or not. Again, allowing you the flexibility to maintain your membership with our association.