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MTAA Active Membership Requirements

MTAA Active Membership Requirements


The MTAA’s goal in setting our requirements for membership is to ensure that applicants meet a minimum standard of education to ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities as a member. It is also to ensure that all members practice safely and ethically by adhering to the Association’s Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics and other governing documents and member policies.

Before the MTAA can provide membership, all applicants must meet all MTAA membership requirements and provide full payment before activation can occur.

What is required to become a member?

The membership eligibility requirements must be met in order for a practitioner to be eligible for MTAA membership.

The applicant must have, at minimum, a 2 year / 2,200-hour Diploma in Massage Therapy, as well as both 1st and 2nd-year transcripts as approved by the Board of Directors and meets all membership requirements outlined OR who has been deemed as Substantially Equivalent to a 2 year / 2,200 hour graduate through the Association Substantial Equivalency process and is able to meet all membership requirements. 

MTAA Active Membership Requirements

  • Have supplied a copy of current Standard First Aid and Level “C” (or higher) CPR Certificates (online certifications are not accepted); and
  • Have supplied a copy of a Criminal Records Check, inclusive of the Vulnerable Persons Sector completed within 90 days of the application completed at your local city police or RCMP detachment (note: third-party online versions such as those through companies such as Backcheck are not accepted)
    • Please be advised that the MTAA will temporarily accept a photocopy or scanned copy of your official CRC results to process your membership activation. The MTAA requires that the official document be mailed to our office to complete your application. If you receive an official digital copy of your results, please contact our office to confirm your submission at 403-340-1913.
    • For more information on the MTAA’s Criminal Record Check requirements please CLICK HERE
  • Have supplied a copy of Canadian Government-issued photo identification; and
  • Have supplied a copy of proof of eligibility to work in Canada if not a Canadian Citizen (ie: work visa); and
  • Have demonstrated English language fluency by the submission of a high school or post-secondary transcript; or proof of successful completion of a standardized language evaluation. To learn more about MTAA’s  English language requirement CLICK HERE
  • If the applicant is or has been a member of a Regulatory College or another professional association as a Massage Therapist, a letter of Good Standing or a letter of Membership Confirmation is also required to be submitted.